7 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Sun this Summer

Protect yourself from the sun this summer!It’s that time of year when your concerns shift from bundling up to protecting yourself from the sun. This shouldn’t be taken lightly, and you should take every step necessary to prevent sun damage. Too much exposure to the sun can hurt your skin and hair.

Although sunburns are painful, they carry a deeper risk of causing skin cancer later on in life. That’s why it’s important to take the following steps to protect yourself from the sun. Take them to heart, it’s going to be a hot one in 2008!

  1. Try out clothes made with SPF. These days there are swimsuits, shirts, shorts and jackets that all come with built in UV protection. If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun this summer, consider investing in a few pieces of SPF gear. If you can’t find any clothes made with SPF material, then try to cover up as much as possible with long sleeved shirts and long pants.
  2. Use a hat whenever possible. A hat, whether its a baseball cap or a wide brim sun hat, is important for protecting your face and hair. That’s right, hair can be damaged by the sun as well. Sunlight can bleach and dry out your hair making it brittle and prone to breakage. Hats are especially important for children, who have thinner hair and can get burnt on their scalps more easily.
  3. Another option for the protection of your hair is using a leave in conditioner with UV protection. Use the product daily to protect your hair and scalp from sun damage.
  4. You should be using a sunscreen with a good SPF rate. Most doctors recommend that you wear at least a 30 SPF sunscreen on all skin that will be exposed to the sun. During times where you’ll spend a lot of time in direct sunlight, you should opt for a higher SPF, like 50 or 65.
  5. Look for oil free sunscreens if you’re worried about breaking out or clogged pores. There are specific sunscreens made for your face that have less oil and are better for your skin than other types of sunscreen.
  6. Wear sunscreen on your face, hands and arms each day to avoid damage to your skin. Contrary to popular belief, your skin can become damaged without being burnt. Exposure builds up over time, and daily sun damage can have lasting effects on your skin. Fifteen minutes here and ten minutes there will make a difference. Make sure you’re protected all the time by wearing sunscreen daily.
  7. Try to keep out of the sun as much as possible. Use umbrellas at the beach and other outdoor locations, and stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. This is normally between 10 am and 3 pm each day.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to minimize the sun’s damage to your skin and hair. Everyone is prone to sun damage, no matter what their skin tone, although people with fair skin and freckles are more prone to sunburns. With a little preparation, you can avoid long term damage from sun exposure.

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