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Questions for CME credits on
(LAP) Low Anabolic Profile Lecture

  1. Creatine is made up of 3 amino acids. Which of the 3 is the most anabolic?
    1. Methionine
    2. Arginine
    3. Glycine
    4. Leucine
    5. Glutamine
  2. There is a secondary pathway on the SHAPIRO Chart(Pathway 2) that affects hair loss called the IGF-1-IGFBP-3 Pathway. Which of the following does not directly affect this pathway?
    1. Growth Hormone
    2. Leucine
    3. Glucocorticoids
    4. DHEA
  3. In assessing a patients Low Anabolic Profile the following questions are important?
    1. Do you take any work out products?
    2. Do you take any amino acids?
    3. Have you been taking any growth hormone or testosterone or their precursors?
    4. Have you taken these at any point in your life and for what period of time?
    5. All of the above
  4. The SHAPIRO Chart is important in evaluating a patients Anabolic Profile because
    1. It explains dual pathways for hair loss
    2. It gives you an Anabolic Index Rating to assess your patients potential hair loss
    3. It can determine the best overall treatment for hair loss
    4. It shows that lifestyle products can contribute to hairloss
    5. All of the above

Questions for CME credits on (EWPC)
Enhanced Whey Protein Concentrate Lecture

  1. Whey Protein Isolate is anabolic and raises Testosterone levels because of?
    1. High levels of creatine
    2. High percentage of BCAA- Branched Chain Amino Acids
    3. High levels of Arginine
    4. High levels of growth hormone
  2. Whey Protein Concentrate(34%) has which of the following properties compared to Whey Protein Isolate(WPI) (80-100%)?
    1. Lower percentage of Branched Chain Amino Acids
    2. More Anabolic than WPI
    3. More denatured than WPI
    4. Raises T levels more than WPI
    5. More processed than WPI
  3. EWPC regrows hair with a shorter dormancy period of time of 6-8 weeks after a hair transplant under all of the the following conditions except?
    1. Proper assessment of the patients Anabolic Index Rating
    2. Placing the patient on a Low Anabolic Profile(LAP)
    3. Proper usage and dosage of the EWPC
    4. Aggressive removal of the grafts during the healing phase
  4. EWPC with the (LAP)Low Anabolic Profile can regrow hair completely within what period of time?
    1. 2-4 weeks
    2. 6-8 weeks
    3. 2 -3 months
    4. 3-4 months
    5. 4-6 months